Is this packaging really necissary?

I needed some new toothpaste. There was a deal, buy the toothpaste, get the brush for free, so I did. When I opened it up, the amount of packing material seemed ridiculous for a plastic toothbrush, and a tube of toothpaste. I know that the paper is all recyclable, but don't kid yourself, there is an environmental cost to all that completely unnecessary material. Are we really so bedazzled by the shiny packaging? We're supposed to feel good about recycling all this barely used waste - how about not making it in the first place? Imagine a world where the tubes of toothpaste all sat on the shelves naked, and toothbrushes were were not in plastic blister packs. I think we would still buy them.


Christine said…
Agreed, superfluous packaging is ridiculous!!

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