Cory Doctorow in the Guardian

cory doctorow
image from the Guardian photograph: Bart Nagel
If you don't know Cory Doctorow, you should. Google seach the name "cory" and he's the top hit.

What is most important about Cory Doctorow is not his science fiction - but the fact that he is pioneering new models for profiting from intellectual property. He has taken on giant publishers, and the insane copy write laws that have crept into our everyday life (who do you think the 30 000 word license agreement for itunes purchases protects?) He is not only championing a new model for distributing and profiting from intellectual property - he is also proving that it works by giving away all his writing for free, and finding other means to generate income. To do otherwise is to deny the reality of our time. "it's very hard to monetise fame, but impossible to monetise obscurity"

Read the recent Guradian article about him here

If this piques your interest, follow him on twitter, and listen to some of his lectures which are all over the web.


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