It's too bad about Apple

It's too bad about apple. I used to love them. Their design. Their software. It was cool, because it was so great. For me, function always comes first and Apple's operating system was always so much better than Windows. A pleasure, satisfying.

The newest Apple products are definitely both of these. People are converting from windows to Apple like crazy. Unfortunately, apple has neglected the function part of the equation. They have intentionally limited their OS, locking it to everyone except those they sanction. They have become too smug. It's incredible to me that apple has convinced millions of people that it's acceptable that when you buy music, you can only listen to it on their applications. If you decide that you want to switch away from i tunes, tough luck. Same goes for i-anything.

The cool demographic has already moved on - many to Ubuntu, who's very essence is open source. What does this mean? Freedom basically. Ubuntu is a community. Ubuntu is created by its users. Ubuntu is free. It's a democracy.

On the popularity and coolness bellcurve, apple is at it's peak - give or take. The mainstream taste makers are on board. But the game changers have left. Apple is not that different - it's just wearing a turtleneck. It's only a matter of time until everyone else catches on.

If you are not outraged by Apple already, listen to this:


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