wall desk progress

Finishing the Finish

I've been at a standstill with the finish on this desk. I've been having issues with dust. I think the warm moist air slows down curing time on the finish, allowing more time for dust to settle. After spending 1/2 day in the shop cleaning and removing dust and re-cleaning my equipment - I still had much the same result.

I hadn't tried hand rubbing a finish for quite a while, but really had no choice. The basic concept is that all applied finishes will have imperfections - unevenness and dust etc. After laying down the final coat of finish and allowing it to cure, you start with a fine sandpaper and slowly move up to finer and finer abrasives, and finish with a polish.

The result is fantastic! I worked it up to nice satin sheen, not too shiny. But, more noticeable is the way it feels - so smooth and silky - sprayed finishes never feel this nice.

So, now that I have this solved, progress will get back on track for next week. All that's left is basic assembly and finishing the desk surface.


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