I have finally left apple behind

Why switch to Ubuntu? When Macs are so great!
1) The number one reason is poor corporate ethics. Any content that you legally purchase from the itunes store, for your ipad, iphone, ipod can not be moved to another platform without breaking the software locks.
2). The whole "app" environment discourages and stifles competition - and I'm not just talking macs here. What makes the internet great is the fact that no one controls it. Anyone can produce content, and any small upstart developers can hang up their shingle and join in. These newly emerging, platform specific environments are very highly controlled, expensive and yes, censored by large corporate interests. I want a digital life that is more open, not more restricted. How many of your apps do you actually need anyway?
3.) Coltan. Google it! It is used in virtually all electronics, by all manufacturers - cellphones, computers, games. It comes from the Congo. The human rights atrocities surrounding its production are appalling. As a consumer, I cannot dismiss my complicity in the market for this blood mineral. Small though my protest is, I have vowed not to buy any new electronics that contain this mineral until the human rights abuses related to its mining are addressed.

This all points me to Ubuntu. It is an open sourced, community based Linux operating system, that does not have inherent restrictions imposed by the producer. It also does not have obsolescence built into its fundamental corporate model. This means I was able to buy a computer that cost almost $4000 4 years ago for about $300 today, and use it for everything I need. To top it all off, the operating system, and all the software, including analogues for all popular applications are totally free. Tech support is free. Applications are backwards compatible.

I have a very active digital life; in fact, my livelihood depends on it. I am relatively tech savvy. However, I have lost my techno-lust. The life cycle of most consumer electronics is far too short, and we are paying a huge human and environmental price for this designed obsolescence. For me, it is all about the content, and not the gadget. Besides, I'm getting bored with Apple's aesthetic.



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