the hobo trailer

Like I don't have enough projects on the go. Our old tent trailer leaked all winter and had to be gutted. The 1968 frame and sides are all still solid, so I have set out rebuild it for this summer's camping season.

I plan to re-configure it in to a very simple sleeping structure - essentially just a tent on wheels. So far, I have constructed the plywood and fiberglass top. Next up, the folding sides.

What I love about this trailer is how simple it is. We love camping, we love road trips and exploring the back country. This trailer lets us sleep up off the ground, keeps us dry, and lets us haul a modest amount of gear around. Best of all, it weighs nothing - we used to pull it with our little pontiac vibe.

I will post more pics as the refit moves along.


Unknown said… the new paint job!!

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