another reason to know who makes your stuff

Another reason to know who makes your stuff.  And another reason not to obsessively buy new electronic gadgets.  Sure they are cheap, but there is still a high price to pay.  Besides, it doesn't matter how you interface with the internet - it's all the same content.
If you think about it for a minute, you would realize that, globally speaking, we are the 1%

From Good:

More than a decade ago, Nike paid a huge price in reputation when it was caught selling sneakers made by children. In the past decade, most of us have come to believe those labor issues have been solved by auditors surveying factories and ensuring that the conditions are such that we can continue to by stuff with wanton abandon, without guilt. . . . But all that only gives us a false sense of comfort. Today, hundreds of millions of workers are still subject to treatment and conditions that would horrify you.  JUMP


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