I recently discovered Oliberté Shoes from a GOOD article:

 They make great shoes, and the company is built on a strong ethical foundation. I am sold. I love to support companies that are built upon good ethics, rather than simply maximizing profit.

Then I learned that the founder, Canadian Tal Dehtiar, appeared twice on the show, the Dragon's den. The concept of the show is that aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of investors, who then decide if they would be willing to invest in their proposal. Here is the segment that Tal Dehtiar appeared in. Like my sister said, it makes me want to strangle Kevin O'Leary.

dragon's den

As consumers, let's give our money to the Tal Dehtiars of the world and stop supporting the likes of Kevin O'Leary.  They've almost run their course, but unfortunately, they won't stop until they run everything into the ground.  


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