BC Liberals need to raise corporate taxes for education!

It's really a shame that those who are fighting for basic stability in the education system, are also those who are being attacked by their own government's propaganda machine - and demonized as being on the left.

The fact is, this is about education - the partisan opportunism of this government is disturbing. They manipulate emotions by stereotyping their opposition - you see it everywhere, it's almost comical. Shame on you who support it - look at bill 22 - it's egregious. No matter what you think of teachers, there is no way that this bill will improve the education system. It provides nothing - but takes a lot away. 

The Liberals need to raise corporate taxes by 2-4%, and not gut the middle class in this way. But they do not have the stones to stand up for the people that elected them - instead they are just manipulating them.

I love my kids' teachers, and thank them for their hard work. This is a difficult and important job, and they deserve more respect from the provincial government. 

It's appalling! You have my support teachers (and nurses)!!


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