Give all the teachers a cost of living raise now!!

Give all the teachers a cost of living raise now - 15% sounds right to me. Hopefully this will kick in the "me too" clauses for all the other public sector unions.   Also, reverse all the illegal contract stripping that bill 22 will impose.

Raise corporate income tax to 2005 levels, 13.5% is still very competitive: 10% is ridiculous.  Why do we have to have the lowest rates in the G8??  Tax the rich, and ultra rich at the same rate we tax the middle classes - give me one good reason why those at the top should pay a lower percentage of their income to  tax than everyone else: fair is fair.  It's understandable why the poor would pay a lower percentage, not the rich.  

This would have an unbelievable effect on the economy.  All segments of the economy that serve the middle classes - from restaurants to big box retail, craftspeople to organic farmers, contractors to car dealers  - they all would benefit from a wealthier middle class.  These union jobs would set the tone for the rest of the labour market - this rising tide would float all boats. This would be a giant step towards bringing income disparity back down to reasonable rates.  An income gap is fantastic, I am fully indoctrinated into the ideals of capitalism.  However, what we have today is obscene.  The balance of power is skewed way too far in favour of the rich minority.  

You think my ideas are unrealistic?  Anyone else remember the 70's?


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