If you support Bill 22 - shame on you!

So, you think the big issues in this teacher's conflict are salaries, wage demands, classroom sizes, and report cards?  You think teachers are holding taxpayers hostage for money?  Lurking under all the rhetoric, teacher and union bashing and demands from the Liberal Government is something far more heinous: Bill 22.  This government is once again sliding legislation into law that violates the very foundation of our Social Democracy.  We need to ask ourselves, what exactly are we condoning when we support Bill 22?

This government has crossed the line many times already. It has been found violating the Canadian Charter by the Supreme Court of Canada. The B.C Supreme court ruled against them. It also broke international treaties on labour no fewer than 10 times. And it is poised to do it again with the egregious Bill 22. This government is floating trial balloons to gauge how tolerant the people of this province are to its draconian measures. Do not let apathy prevent you from sending the government the message that this is OK. We have to stand up to tyranny.
Shame on all of you who so casually accept and even endorse this.
Shame on all of you who are falling in line.
Shame on all of you are not outraged by this assault on what the good men died for defending our democratic rights in WW2.
If my Grandfather was alive today, he would spit in your eye!
Call me a lefty - that's ok with me. My Canada is a Social Democracy.
Remember, nobody elects a fascist regime. As they rise to power, they depend on the support of their people. Once we start down this road, it is a very slippery slope! BILL 22 is an assault on that we hold dear as Canadians. Don't let the specifics of this conflict cloud your vision.

And if you still support Bill 22 - Shame on you.


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