Why I am protesting downtown today against Bill 22

Why am I, as self employed crafts person and designer,  taking a day off work and heading downtown to join the teachers in their rally against Bill 22?  

First - and most emphatically, because this government, and bill 22 violates international and constitutional law. It violates the Canadian charter of rights. It breaches international UN labour treaties. It is constitutionally invalid - plain and simple. This, more than anything is what has the citizens of this province so outraged. This is what has the teachers so outraged. This is what has me so outraged.

Governments are obliged to govern according to law. That is what distinguishes democracies from tyrannies. I cannot stand by and let this happen!  Read this short article, it will take 2 minutes of your time. http://www.vancouversun.com/touch/business/story.html?id=6254820

Follow the money! The teachers are not greedy. The Unions have not ruined the country.  The average taxpayer is already paying enough!

British Columbia has the highest disparity in income distribution in Canada. Since 1995 incomes for the two bottom brackets has remained basically flat. At the same time the top 20% has risen steadily since 1995. During this time, the difference between the top 20% and the bottom 20% increased by 37% !!!!!
This is absolutely unacceptable! This is why times are "tough" No more tax breaks for the rich. We need to fight for every decent middle class job.  A strong middle class means a strong economy.  A strong middle class means a strong democracy. New money in the hands of the middle class would stimulate our economy! Restaurants, contractors, small businesses, arts groups, entertainers, the entire retail economy will all benefit - and yes even self employed craftspeople benefit.
(Statistics from Human Resources and Skill Development Canada)

Third: Government hypocrisy regarding the net zero mandate - Take about one minute and look at this list of all the Liberal executives that have received very, very generous raises and bonuses in the last few years. It's like a microcosm for the whole province - the rich looking after themselves, while everyone else has to "accept the reality of our economic times" It really is disgusting.


See you all there: the Art Gallery @ 2pm


Thanks so much for your support!

Joan Shannon Jung
Sir Guy Carleton Elementary School
Vancouver School Board


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