Arctic sea ice has just set a new record low

In case anyone missed it, the Arctic sea ice has set a new record low - and it is expected to continue to melt over the next two weeks or so.

Read on: From the Atlantic - Alexis Madriga

Who cares? More land for us?  - well, this is one of those critical feedback loops that accelerate warming.  The ice, is one giant reflector, bouncing sunlight back into space.  The land and water underneath is, you guessed it, dark.  It therefore absorbs more solar energy than the ice and accelerates the warming.

What is also a little alarming, is that the last record, in 2007 - was largely attributed to a "perfect storm" of weather patterns that resulted in unusual warming in the Arctic. This year, no such conditions exist and this melting was not predicted.  

Anyone noticed how over the last the few years the climate change deniers have changed their tune from "global warming is not happening" to "it's happening but it is not caused by man"  It natural.

Tough times ahead.  Global climate is a very slow moving beast, and once it starts moving in certain direction, it takes 1000's of years to turn around.  If you think technology will save us - think again.  What technology? The sooner we change our ways, the less drastic the effects will be.

Our country was able to unite for the WW2 effort.  Everyone pitched in, made due with less, changed their lifestyles.  There was a common goal, for the good of us all.

Nowadays it's:  "sure I care about the environment, just don't interfere with my right to drive an F150 and binge shop at outlet malls."   What we need is some true leadership.


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