Fliptop Laptop Desk

My wall desk, a much loved design, has been missing the mark.  It is crying out to be expressly purposed to be a laptop docking station.  So, I have been working with my client to add a space, and wire access for a laptop, while maintaining most of the functionality of the original desk.  Over the next week or two, I will be documenting the progress here.

So far, I have pressed the shell halves, and I have began work on the cabinet.  I have made two exciting upgrades to this desk so far.  The first, is that I am using all solid bamboo ply for the cabinet.  It looks fantastic, plus it has all the benefits of bamboo over plywood.  Second, and more important, I have upgraded to dovetail joinery for the main joints.  These are the strongest joints in woodworking because they interlock and cannot be pulled apart, without relying on adhesives or fasteners.  This joint is very critical to this piece because the desk surface cantilevers from it.  It's a shame that the joint will never be seen though - once the desk is assembled, it will be completely hidden.


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