Today in the Shop

Today was a fantastic day for the desk. 

The finish is finally coming up nicely.  There have been so many stops and starts, but the end result has been worth it.  When I first finished the desk, there was a small area I wasn't satisfied with.  When I sanded it for a final coat of finish, I somehow contaminated the surface with silicon.  It could have been anything, I suspect it related to car wax I had be using for a different project.  It is a nightmare to get rid of, even the most minute amount will cause the finish to not lay flat.  Building the finish back up is a slow process, and that has been a big delay on this piece.
So, today I was able to assemble everything except the desk surface - it looks fantastic.  I've made many variations of this desk, but I think this one looks the most balanced so far.  I love the combination of the maple of the plywood and the walnut, it's a nice contrast.  Did anyone notice that the top two drawers switched in the photo?  The wall mounted feeder is going to the same client - they would look great on the same wall.


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