FD hike at Golden Ears Lower Falls trail

My lovely daughters planned a little hike and picnic for me for Father's Day today. Cindy is a high school teacher, and their commencement is always on Father's Day - grads and dads indeed. Although I would have loved for Cindy to be there with us, there is something special about just the three of us spending the day together.

Just a couple of blocks from our house, Weijin spotted a bear.  It's always disturbing to see a young  bear in the suburbs so early in the season - it can't end well for the bear.  We stopped and warned the people in the condo complex - who called animal control.  Onward we went to Golden Ears Provincial Park for our hike and picnic.  More of a vigorous walk, it had nice views and a small waterfall at the end.  It was a nice, Pacific Northwest day hike - I love my kids. - Back to Vurv

Lush Fern
The rainforest

A monster in the deadfall 

Weijin took this of her feet

Golden ears

The three of us . . . um four of us

Trader Joe's goat cheese and crackers 
everything taste better outdoors

Weijin and Jian at the falls

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Weijin said…
what a day you had...bears, falls, monsters...glad you guys were outside on such a beautiful day. Love ya, c

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